Dollar bills may wear out, but they don’t disappear.

So why can banks add trillions of new dollars to the existing ones without asking anybody’s permission?

In this unique disclosure of the spoils of money creation, economist Detlef Gloge reveals how each dollar created by banks is a dollar of wealth seized from society—mainly from society’s most vulnerable members. At last, there is an honest, convincing exposition of banks’ harmful activity that causes wealth disparity, economic stagnation, and societal conflict.

Rigged Money’s objectivity is a refreshing contrast to mainstream duplicity on this subject. His lucid arguments contrast with the usual academic jargon and sophistry and should appeal to anyone with common sense and social awareness. Dr. Gloge explains the founders’ constitutional concept of sound money, how citizens have twice impelled the U.S. Congress to adhere to it, and why the time has come for another reminder.

Rigged Money is for those who truly care about the future of the United States. It is also a wake-up call for politicians who keep looking the other way while monetary malpractice is tearing the country apart.
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