The Constitution says Congress is to “coin money and regulate the value thereof.” Congress better clean up the mess that the bankers’ money printing has created.

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Dr. Detlef Gloge is provocative and incisively honest. This short biography cannot do proper credit to him or his extraordinary books. An economist by trade, he worries about wealth inequality, economic stagnation, and the growing crescendo of public frustration.
This third book, Rigged Money, is his most unreserved, candid exposition of the surreptitious harm and inequity practiced by today’s creators of money.
 This work is an important contribution to the realm of new economic thinking, which many economists consider fundamental for meeting the needs of the modern age.
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Dollar bills may wear out, but they don’t disappear.

So why can banks add trillions of new dollars to the existing ones without asking anybody’s permission?
In this unique disclosure of the spoils of money creation, economist Detlef Gloge reveals how each dollar created by banks is a dollar of wealth seized from society—mainly from society’s most vulnerable members. 
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Banks have no business monkeying with our money. "